Welcome To Saroj Khan Dance Academy
To promote performing art as an alternative area of education and not to perceive dance only as a means of entertainment.
To provide very finest international and technical standards of dance in India.
To integrate dance with mainstream school curriculum.
To provide platforms for upcoming artists to experiment with their work.
To bring together artists to build collaborative work.
To help individuals towards professional and personal upliftment.
To give quality information and services with a loving and patient attitude.

About us
SKDA (Saroj Khan Dance Academy) provides outstanding dance menu, having various dance styles, catering to all age groups, offering a variety of dance classes, such as classes for beginner, basic, advance basic, and special workshops & personal training classes.

Our Mission
To inspire people to use the art of dance as tool for education, and to develop outstanding and charismatic dancer, choreographer and instructor in their respective field of art and who also contribute to the well being of art and culture to the society.
Hi, I'm Sanjeet....

Hello! I am a professional dance choreographer.
I am running Saroj Khan Dance Academy because that's my PASSION to do innovative things.
People out there, want to do anything new come here and fulfil your dream.


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